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Ugandan Water Project

The Ugandan Water Project

Participation in the Ugandan Water Project is just one of the ways GCCS students have the opportunity to show God’s love by meeting the needs of others. “The Ugandan Water Project is an international development organization that funds and implements innovative, relational solutions to Uganda’s water crisis. This is done by connecting [us] with opportunities to sustainably provide clean and safe drinking water.”  To date 460+ individual projects (one of them funded by our school in 2013!) have impacted 200,000+ people. This semester we are again working to raise the $3,600 needed to give a rainwater collection system to a school or village.

Project director Mr. Harrington kicked off this year’s project with a chapel presentation. We sang Ugandan worship songs, danced, learned about the need for clean water and how our water system and filters would help children be healthier and have time to go to school instead of walking miles every day for unsafe water.

Ugandan Water ProjectThe blue envelope display in our foyer. Students choose an envelope and fill it with the corresponding number of dollars earned by doing extra chores, recycling bottles, giving allowance money, etc.

If you would like to help us meet our goal donations can be sent to the school office marked for UWP or give online by clicking on Donate Now, Campaigns, and then finding Genesee Country Christian School.  Thank you!