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From GCCS Parents

These are just a few of the remarks we have received from parents and others who have worked with Genesee Country Christian School.

"Genesee Country Christian School equips students for unCommon success. In addition to an education “based upon Biblical truth,” Genesee Country teachers apply a deep understanding of learning to their lesson planning. Individual students grow through challenge supported by caring educators who engage students in the thinking that promotes deep learning. The results are more than academic; Genesee Country students develop the character and confidence necessary to be influencers. This holistic approach is rare in American schools, but you can find it, tucked away, in Geneseo, NY. I highly recommend Genesee Country Christian School to parents who desire more than a diploma for their children—those who truly want the unCommon equipping of young people for effective impact on our world."

-Kevin Washburn, Ed. D. Executive Director of Clerestory Learning


"One of the things I have loved about having my children at GCCS is how committed the teachers are to supporting my parenting. Together we have identified strengths and areas of improvement, and together we encourage and work towards improvement in my children; educationally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. This is one of the greatest gifts GCCS gives to families."

-Elementary Parent

"We are so very grateful for the experience our son has had this year. What an amazing group of educators. You have created a kind, supportive environment for children where learning and God are valued. The children of Genesee Country Christian School are able to grow physically, academically, and spiritually because of you."

- Nursery Parent

"We have LOVED the experience your school has provided for our child and can't say enough about the preschool program and teachers Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Steltzer. We found your school environment so amazing, genuine, and refreshing. Thank you."

- Nursery Parent

"Our eldest daughter entered GCCS as a third grader and we immediately noticed the caliber of teaching and high educational standards set at the school. She began to excel. The education she received in this supportive, wholesome, Christian environment helped her become the excellent student she is today. Obviously, we wanted the same experience for our younger daughter and haven't been disappointed."

- Elementary Parent